Sophia's Sacrifice

A Short Story in the Nel Mezzo World

How does an angel face her deepest fears to save herself and all those she loves?


Long before Sophia begins training Celeste as an Agent of Change, she is in love with the angel Samael. As the angel of destruction, Samael walks a fine line between good and evil. He worships Sophia for her purity and, for a time, they are the It Couple of the cosmos. But relationships between angels are complicated. Samael requires much soothing after dipping his wings into the dark side, but Sophia has many innocent hearts that call on her to ease their pain.

When jealousy overcomes Samael, Sophia must find a way to escape where she cannot be found. Turns out, there is no shelter for battered angels—at least not until Celeste introduces Sophia to Nel Mezzo. Thirteen Earth years later, Sophia must face Samael once again—at Celeste’s request. This time, Sophia may have to sacrifice herself to save the world.