Book One: Journey to Nel Mezzo

What if virtual reality was your only reality?

Seventeen-year-old Celeste has the perfect way to handle her introversion: an obsession with virtual reality gaming. But when a family vacation takes her off-grid for the summer, all the gear in the world can’t protect Celeste from her deepest fear—the voice in her head. At first, being off-grid isn’t all bad and there’s something oddly familiar about Gabe, the handsome young local who easily draws Celeste out of her shell. Just as their romance begins, the voice in her head makes a grand entrance and Celeste is whisked away from any hope of normalcy.

Catapulted into another dimension where she is her own avatar inside a virtual reality game, Celeste has to complete a series of quests that surpasses any reality she’s ever known. Without a safety net or a way to return home, Celeste must follow the voice in her head on a quest that will either reunite her with Gabe and her family or leave her lost forever between two worlds.


Book Two: Beyond Nel Mezzo

What would you sacrifice to save paradise?

Something is rotten in Nel Mezzo. When a rift in virtual reality sends an evil trickster into the real world, Celeste must conquer him before he destroys Nel Mezzo. But when the battle begins, the trickster banishes her to an alien planet across the universe.

Before Celeste can find her way back, there are matters of allegiance to resolve between the Original Creatures and the Outsiders who inhabit this curious planet. Caught between two opposing factions, Gabe confronts inner demons implanted by the Outsiders, while Celeste learns the mysterious ways of the Original Creatures. It doesn’t help matters that one of the creatures is a handsome, shapeshifting empath who is determined to win Celeste’s heart.

With or without Gabe, Celeste must find a way to return home before time runs out. Nel Mezzo is not the only place in danger. The inter-dimensional rift now threatens the future of Earth. Can Celeste save them both?


Book Three: Return to Nel Mezzo

How do you save two worlds—at the same time—on opposite sides of the universe?

Sometimes, an Agent of Change just wants a quiet night at home with her hot, sensitive boyfriend. But first, she has lives to save, demons to slay, and evil to conquer.

Being an Agent of Change—an angel in training—has its perks. Yllid, the handsome empath shifter from the planet Adala, has found his way into Celeste’s heart. Sophia, her beloved angel, continues to offer essential guidance. Celeste has access to portals to traverse the universe, a golden sword to awaken her inner warrior, and an ever-faithful dog willing to sacrifice his life for her. And, of course, there’s always Nel Mezzo—the peaceful land between life and death—where all souls find themselves one day.

On the downside, being an Agent of Change is hard work. Samael Blanc, a fallen angel, is determined to destroy Earth and all its inhabitants—including Celeste’s parents and her beloved Sophia. An evil trickster on Adala is poisoning the Original Creatures to turn them into slaves. Gabe, Celeste’s first love, is addicted to the trickster’s poison and lost in his lust(or thirst) for revenge. There are thugs, guns, and a team of quirky hybrids from the Central Park Zoo who need some serious battle training.

Celeste must conquer a demon in one universe to save her parents and an evil trickster in another to save the Original Creatures on Adala.